Wednesday, February 27, 2008

English Jokes

Important things for doctor

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In an anatomy class, a professor teaches his students with the real dead body.

Every students stand around the surgery table. The dead body lie there covering by a big white blanket.

The professor starts teaching " To be a good doctor, there are two important things that everyone of you have to keep in mind. The first one is NEVER FEEL DISGUSTING WITH THE BODY"

The professor then open the blanket and slowly poke his finger deeply to the dead body's anus, spin the finger and suck it right in front of the students.

The professor said to everyone "do it Hurry!"

The students are all feeling very disgusting with the bizarre example but they all decide to do it just to satisfy the professor.

After everyone is done, the professor strongly stare at everyone and said out loud.

"Well, the second important thing for being a good doctor is that "BE OBSERVANT." If you noticed it you would see that I poke my middle finger in the anus but suck my index finger!!"

Learning Part
The students did not realize that the doctor use different finger so they all got fooled by him and suck the finger they use to poke the anus (yuck!!)

Anatomy = The science of body structure and organism

Surgery = Medical Operation

Disgusting = Highly offensive with something

Poke = Push or jab

Bizarre = Extremely unconventional style or manner

Observant = Quick to perceive or apprehend

Middle finger = Second finger between index finger and ring finger

Index finger = Finger next to thumb