Thursday, February 28, 2008

English Jokes

Chinese and Spielberg

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One Chinese person walks into a bar in America late one night and he saw Steven Spielberg.

As he was a great fan of his movies, he rushes over to him, and asks for his autograph.

Instead, Spielberg gives him a slap and says "You Chinese people bombed our Pearl Harbor, get out of here."

The astonished Chinese man replied "It was not the Chinese who bombed your Pearl Harbor, it was the Japanese". "Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, you're all the same," replied Spielberg.

In return, the Chinese gives Spielberg a slap and says "You sank the Titanic, my forefathers were on that ship." Shocked, Spielberg replies "It was the iceberg that sank the ship, not me."

The Chinese replies, "Iceberg, Spielberg, Carlsberg, you're all the same."

Learning Part
The author plays with the word "berg"

Autograph = Person's signature

Slap = Sharp hit with hand

Astonish = Sudden amaze

Sank = Past tense of sink means slow go down into water/ submerge

Forefather = Ancestor / family member in the old time